TUESDAY Evening Yoga

All levels/all welcome  6:00-7:15pm

Now hosted by Aditi Yoga Studio. Perfect class for those who want a balancing practice at the end of the day. We incorporate breath and movement to develop strength and length, resilience and clarity of mind.   I listen to what you most need and we create what best serves you in the moment.   Wonderful group of yogis.  All are welcome.

Yoga for Men

All levels/all welcome on Mondays 7:00-8:15pm

This class is a great way to practice yoga that is tailored to men’s bodies in a low key and supportive environment. We combine traditional yoga poses with extra focus on core, balance, and stretching hips, legs and shoulders. One of the differences between the male and female body is that men tend to have larger muscles and be stronger, but are overall less flexible. We work to balance this to prevent injury and decrease muscle tension.


All levels/all welcome Thursdays 5:30-6:45pm

This class is a fun way to condition specific areas that we over/under use in everyday life. We work to release tension, gain strength and flexibility, improve balance and posture, ease and confidence. Our focus is functional, the patterns of everyday life—our goal is to change the patterns that don’t serve us to ones that support optimal health and quality of life. Slow, deep conditioning work with core focus, stretching and restoration to balance the practice.

Friday Morning Quiet Mind

All levels/all welcome 9:30-10:45am

Join us Friday mornings to move into the weekend without the internal clutter of the week. Each class includes a variety of breath and meditation practices in between rounds of low key movement and restorative poses. Designed to quiet the mind, restore the nervous system, press the internal re-set. Studies show that consistent breath and meditation practices support emotional resilience, better sleep and creativity.  No experience necessary.

Private Sessions-- bodywork +

What is it that would help you most right now? Hands on bodywork, emotional support, tailored movement coaching with practices to do at home? We work together to clarify your goals and choose the options that serve them. What we do depends on what creates the bridge you seek between what is going on and resolution. These 90 minute sessions are in office, by appointment only.    $165.00 per session includes phone, text, email support in between appointments.

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